The perfect fall picnic in Central Park

Last week I ventured out to Central park for a little picnic with a few friends. I don't picnic a ton, but when I do, I wanna make sure there's plenty of wine and cheese (obviously, right??). I partnered up with Millesima USA, a global wine retailer that also has a shop on the upper east side (72nd street and 2nd ave) that specializes in fine wines from Europe. I don't know that much about wine but I generally love a full bodied Cabernet. I love it when the wine's a bit smoky too. The service at Millesima was excellent and the guy helping me was incredibly knowledgable with helping me find exactly what I wanted without being pretentious.


After picking up the wine, I swung by a bodega to pick out some cheese and fruit (may have gotten a few cookies too ;) ) and then headed to Central Park to meet up with some friends for the picnic. The leaves were in their prime and there was a generous amount on the ground to sit in and snap a cute fall picnic shot for the gram ;) hahaha!

I definitely want to continue to expand my knowledge on wine over coming months/year and will definitely be back to Millesima once I'm finished with the bottles I bought. Hoping to get in another picnic in Central Park before it becomes full on winter in NYC!! We'll see I guess...


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