My Trip to Kansas City

This last week I went to Kansas City for my friends wedding and the total solar eclipse (great timing TBH). I grew up in Kansas City so it's always fun to go back and catchup with friends I haven't seen for a while. My friends wedding was over the weekend but we all were able to catchup outside of wedding stuff and explore the city! Here are a few of the spots I went to (in no particular order)... As usual, there's a ton of coffee shops!! Also, the total solar eclipse was INCREDIBLE! One of the coolest experiences I've had for a while. I hope some of you guys got to experience it as well. 


1. Goat Hill Coffee

A coffee shop AND a soda shop that take both very seriously and don't half-ass either. I fell in love with Goat Hill by just looking through the window last January when I was in Kansas City but unfortunately they were closed (I was SO upset!! haha). I made sure I stopped in on this trip when it was actually open! The space is small and intimate and there are large windows facing a small street in the westside neighborhood of Kansas City. The space is incredibly photogenic and their coffee and soda is incredible. Put this on your Kansas City list and make sure you visit Blue Bird Bistro, as they're right next to each other! 


2. Oddly Correct

Ask any coffee enthusiast what coffee shop serves the best coffee and 4 out of 5 will say Oddly Correct. Don't expect any fancy syrups or milks as this spot is all about the coffee being first and foremost (I think the only bad reviews this place has is by not carrying cream and sugar... haha!). Don't come here if you're looking for a frappuccino, but if you're looking for some seriously good coffee I highly recommend it! 


3. Monarch Coffee

This space gets a 5 out of 5 and the coffee a 3 out of 5. I really loved this spot, but my coffee was just okay, and in Kansas City, finding an amazing cup isn't that hard to do as there are some incredible coffeeshops throughout the city. It is a new spot, so I'm sure the coffee will get better so I'm super excited to come back next time I'm in Kansas City! I would 100% stop by this spot even if the coffee was horrible though (which it isn't, just not my favorite in KC), as the space is seriously INCREDIBLE. I could sit in here and read a book/get work done for hours. 


4. Blue Bird Bistro 

Easily one of my favorite restaurants in Kansas City, Blue Bird Bistro is a farm-to-table modern American restaurant located in a beautiful victorian style space. I came for brunch and had the pulled pork and polenta eggs benedict which was absolutely fantastic (although a bit heavy for an early brunch). 


5. Slap's BBQ

Kansas City is known for BBQ and I ate way to much of it (NO SHAME) while I was there... I usually frequent LC's and Joe's Kansas City (formerly Oklahoma Joes) but wanted to checkout a different spot on this trip (I did go to LC's though but unfortunately didn't take any pictures. I was too in the moment). 


6. Splitlog Coffee

Splitlog opened a few months ago and is already killing it! It's a bit out of the way (Kansas City, KS), but 100% worth the trek. The coffee is fantastic and the barista's are super cool. There's some outdoor seating and even a drive-through for those on the go. I really am looking forward to visiting this spot again when I'm back in Kansas City!