Three “hole in the wall restaurants” you need to try ASAP

1. The Eddy

An ever-changing seasonal American restaurant tucked away in the East Village with an exceptional cocktail program. Do I need to tell you more? Yeah? Okay fine… The space is small and intimate but well lit and feels like the perfect hidden gem you’ve been trying to find to impress your out of town friends. The restaurants is “broken up” into two parts. The bar/happy hour area and the dinging room. My favorite place to sit is near the bar! Checkout my picture! Table goals really!! All the food here is incredibly fresh and the chef really knows how to bring out the natural flavors of the food without over seasoning or adding too much. I honestly can close my eyes and point to anything on the menu and i’m guaranteed to love it! DM me on Instagram if you go and tell me what your favorite dish was (@calebthill)! 

2. Analogue 

Analogue opened only three years ago, but has that old time New York feel and seems like it's been around for decades. It’s dimly lit and a great spot for spending an hour or two at before heading to a show or movie.  This spot also has an incredible cocktail selection and some seriously tasty bar snacks! My personal favorite were the pork belly tacos and the mini lamb meatball (get 2 orders!!). Definitely head here if you’re a major cocktail enthusiast. Even if you’re not, you’ll find something you like!

3. Wallflower 

The Wallflower is one of those restaurants that you pass while walking down a cute street and think “this restaurant is adorable, I need to go soon” but can never seem to find it again. Well… Glad you came here, because that restaurant is DEFINITELY worth going to and is one of my favorites in the West Village! I’m always surprised by the items on their menu that offer an innovative perspective on classic french dishes. Their cocktails are amazing and change with the seasons. My favorite is the “Look, No Hands” cocktail! They also have the cutest outdoor seating (only 2 tables) which is perfect for sipping on one of their drinks while people watching the well dressed neighbors walk by with their perfect dogs.