My 4 Favorite Coffeeshops in Manhattan

Anyone who follows along on my Instagram knows how much I love coffee, and not only coffee, but coffee shops. There’s something so amazing about sipping on a coffee (or tea) in a beautiful coffee shop having conversations with a friend or simply just sitting by yourself reflecting on life. On a nice day here in NYC, I love sitting outside to people watch, drawing inspiration for my own personal style. Below i’ve come up with 4 of my absolute favorite coffeeshops in Manhattan (specifically below 14th street).

1. Happy Bones

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a million pics of this place… Definitely for good reason! The beautifully designed space has tons of natural light and large white marble tables perfect for your weekly flat lay with ALL your various sponsored Instagram items (make sure you bring them all in for your mini photoshoot)… In all seriousness though, Happy Bones is one of my favorite coffeeshops. Get there early to snag a table as there’s only 3.

2. Ludlow Coffee Supply

Another super photogenic coffeeshop (I see a theme developing...)! Ludlow Coffee Supply is super chic and in the perfect location for people watching. There bourbon vanilla latte has to be one of the best things i’ve tried in a while… Although, again, I usually just end up getting a cortado or iced cold brew…

3. Three Seat Espresso

This new coffee shop only opened up a few weeks ago, but shot up to one of my favorite after my first visit. Right off of Tompkins Square park in the East Village, this coffee shop is just what the neighborhood needed (especially after the closing of OST). The space has floor to ceiling windows, the cutest colored cups and plates, _______, and a barbershop!  The coffee is solid and the food is amazing (try the avocado bagel!!!). This spot is a great centralized meeting spot before hitting up your bottomless brunch.

4. Cafe Integral

Cafe Integral is my favorite cafe to get chill out in and get some work done. It’s a decently large spot (for NYC) with a large comfy booth and fast wifi. The coffee and pastries are also fantastic and they offer an array of specialty lattes that are all amazing, although, I tend to prefer my cortado or iced cold brew…