Paris City Guide

If you guys follow along on my Instagram (@calebthill) you probably saw I was in Paris last week! Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world and every time I go I discover new amazing places as well as revisit old favorites. This trip was pretty last minute and I didn't plan much (normally how I travel TBH), but knew I would pack my day with exploring the city to make this city guide for you all (cause whose not a fan of a good city guide that doesn't tell you to visit the Eiffel Tower and go to Louvre?! I'm assuming that if it's your first time in Paris you already know of those spots ;) ). Anywho, make sure you scroll down to the bottom/read the whole thing for a shareable map that you can use on your next trip to Paris with ALL of the spots listed below! Also, DM me on Instagram if you use the map and go to any of the spots! Would love to hear your thoughts!

The mornings spots


Fragments Cafe

Fragments cafe is the first cafe I ever visited on my first trip to Paris so it has a really special place in my heart! It's cash only so make sure you stop at an ATM or have a few euros before heading there. It's a very cozy warm cafe that serves excellent coffee and snacks! I definitely could read a good book here and sip on a cappicino all mornng TBH. 


Le Peloton Cafe

This coffeeshop also doubles as a bike tour company where they provide tours around Paris! I'm a huge fan of biking (and obviously coffee), so combining the two makes me VERY happy! The space is adorable and located in such a cute area! Their coffee is fantastic and they also have homemade sweet and savory waffles. 


Shakespeare & Co Cafe

Grab a good book on a nice day and sit outside at Shakespeare & Co... The coffee is okay, but the ambience and location (overlooking Notre Dame) can't be better! If you're a book lover, stopping at this cafe is a MUST! 


Ten Belles

Located close to Canal Saint-Martin, Ten Belles is one of my favorite spots for a light breakfast with good coffee... When you walk into the space, it definitely gives off that "cool kid" vibe. Their homemade baked goods are AMAZING and I'm obsessed with their color palette! Just look at those adorable stools outside! <3


Boot Cafe

When you google "Paris coffeeshops" and go to the image section, you'll definitely see Boot! This coffeeshop has one of the cutest exteriors (and interiors) in Paris (in my humble opinion)... If you can snag a seat inside, definitely stay and chill for a bit. If you can't, you can sit outside on their little stools (just beware that you'll probably be in at least 5 Instagram posts! LOL)

The Afternoon Spots


MIZNON. Where do I start?! I've literally had dreams of this spot. The owner is from Tel Aviv and relocated to Paris to open Miznon. Everything is incredibly fresh and bursting with so much flavor. I recommend getting the lamb sandwich and the roasted cauliflower. If you don't go here, you 100% missed out. If you only go to one lunch spot in Paris, make it this spot! 


L'as du Falafel

Definitely a tourist spot, but 100% worth going to, especially if you're in the area! Some of the best falafel I've had in Paris! Get it to go if its a nice outside and find a park to sit in and eat. Make sure you get some of the spicy red sauce!! 



Adding this to the lunch spots just because I went closer to lunch time, but could be a morning spot too! Ob-La-Di has one of the most Instagramable interiors! The first thing you notice is the cute tiles on the floor when you walk in.  Grab some afternoon coffee and a few light bites here before heading to a museum or walking the streets of Les Marais.



Fringe is another coffee spot that also serves great food in the early afternoon! I went in for lunch and had 2 of their amazing open faced sandwiches. This spot is also a great place to get some work done as it had fast wifi and plenty of tables.


Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette is one of my favorite department stores in the world, especially during the holidays!! The main building has a giant Christmas tree hanging from one of the top floors and the rooftop has a heated rooftop igloo bar overlooking Paris. #THEBEST



Best cream puffs ever! This spot literally has the most delicious cream puffs and hot chocolate! It also has outdoor seating with a view of Notre Dame from across the river (#outdoorseatinggoals). Swing by this spot after lunch or when you're in need of an afternoon dessert. 

3524F521-EA75-4535-ABD9-C7CEB6625436 (1).jpg

Bike along the river

I love biking, so whenever I visit a new city, I always try to get on a bike to explore (except for London... Those reversed roads freaked the hell out of me! hahaha!). Paris recently banned cars on one of their river front highways on the right bank making way for bikers so renting a bike for the day (or couple days) and biking along the river is definitely a MUST! There are a few bike share programs in Paris so just do a quick google search to figure out which one is best for you before you go! I generally just get a week pass with Vélib.

Gallery of Paleontology.jpg

Gallery of Paleontology

On my last trip to Paris I did the Eiffel Tower, the Louve and the Picasso Museum so on this trip I wanted to find a museum a bit under the radar. After asking a few locals, it was pretty clear that checking out The Gallery of Paleontology at the Natural History Museum was a must. I'm SO glad I went cause this place was so cool!! Between the crazy stuff they had displayed (brains, bones, and fossils) to the beautiful exterior and interior, I felt like I was in a different world. 

The night spots


The Bar @ Les Bains

Not sure if you guys like sexy hotel bars as much as I do, but I'm always on the lookout for an overpriced (but worth it) hotel bar to chat with friend and sip on dirty martinis. Les Bains sexiness vibes are definitely a 10 out of 10. 


Le Saint-Régis

A classic Parisian bistro that feels a touch elevated. Grab a bottle of wine (or 2) and sit outside on the quaint street overlooking the Saint-Louis Bridge in this charming neighborhood. Order a burger and a few shared plates and stay here for a few hours. 


The Little Red Door

The Little Red Door is an amazing speakeasy in Le Marais. This spot mixes up some creative cocktails and has a very chill vibe (they don't let it get too packed so expect a bit of a wait to get in). Their menu is actually a book of art where they asked a handful of artists to create a piece around each cocktail (*pictured above). Definitly one of my favorite bars in Paris!

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